Find Out Who It Is With A Reverse Phone Lookup!

Did you receive a call from an unknown number? Did someone give you their cell phone number, but you can't remember their name? Lookup any cell phone number to instantly see who that number belongs to.

Who's Calling Me From This Number?

Did you receive a call from a telemarketer, private or blocked number and can’t tell who called you? You aren’t the only one. Everyone gets suspicious calls. But how do you deal with them?

Have you ever received a phone call from an unknown number? Or maybe a random text message from a number that you didn’t recognize? Of course you have. In fact, most of us receive unwanted phone calls or, text messages on a daily basis. Whether they are from telemarketers, automated robo-callers, or even worse, scammers looking to trick you into giving away personal information. Fortunately, there are ways you can find out who’s texting you.

In today’s modern technology era, everyone uses mobile phones, and we all have tons of contacts on our devices. However, we can’t always identify the person who is calling us because we might not have them in our contact list. It could be a friend calling, but it could also be an unknown caller.

Type the phone number in google (area code first) and see what you can find. Most of the time you will see a bunch of reverse phone lookup websites that won’t provide you much info. However, some times you will see the person’s Facebook page, a business or other personal page registered to that phone number. This is obviously one of the best ways to do a reverse phone lookup.

If you’ve ever had a question like this: “Who’s telephone number is this that keeps calling me?” Then Facebook can help you. Once you are logged in go to the search bar on Facebook and then type the person’s phone number in it and see what shows up. It’s that simple! As long as the person doesn’t have their phone number private then it will show up if they have a Facebook page. This is one of the best ways to locate phone numbers.

“Who does this phone number belong to?” You may have asked yourself that a few times. You may have some luck using the Whitepages Reverse phone search but it will be for mainly landline and business phone numbers. To find out who owns a cell phone number you will 99.9% of the time have to pay for it using the Whitepages, because they mainly only have landline phone numbers listed with very little exception. So if you want to find out who owns a cell phone number then you will probably need to go another route.

At one time, most landline phone numbers were listed in phone books, and you could easily go from the name of a person or business to a phone number simply by flipping through a book. Books called reverse phone directories allowed you to look up phone numbers and find who owned them, provided the numbers were listed, and some also provided names by looking up an address.

Have you ever received a call from an unknown number and wondered who it was? Maybe you missed the call or wanted to know who it was before you called back. We all have those unknown calls that we just don’t want to answer, but sometimes we’re just curious about who was on the other line.

Most of us have used a site such as Yellowpages or whitepages to search company or residential phone numbers by name, but what about the various reverse phone lookup sites? Do they work? Are they accurate, and what are the costs?

If you can't find the information you want using a phone number lookup tool, try typing the number into a traditional search engine such as Google or Bing. You might find the number listed on a personal or business website or in some other online directory.

Consider trying variations on writing the phone number, such as putting the area code in parentheses and separating it from the rest of the number with hyphens. Check multiple search engines to see if one has information that others don't.

Find Who Owns A Phone Number

Have you ever received a call from an unknown number and wondered who it was? Maybe you missed the call or wanted to know who it was before you called back. We all have those unknown calls that we just don’t want to answer, but sometimes we’re just curious about who was on the other line.

If you have ever had an unrecognizable phone number pop up on your caller ID, you know the feeling of frustration it instills. Nothing will drive you crazy faster than getting calls from a phone number you don't know--or, even worse, seeing a phone number you don't recognize on your partner's phone. Thankfully, there are safe and easy ways to find out who owns that phone number that's provided you with such a mystery.

Receiving mystery calls and texts can be a frustrating or even frightening experience. It can be difficult to figure out where the call may be originating from. You may be able to trace the number to a name or business. You may have to enlist the help of a private investigator or the police to get results.

Reverse lookup sites like ours at will query a database to find the personal information of the caller. While a few sites offer these services for free, most charge a fee to view the details. Since cell phone numbers can easily be transferred between carriers and customers, reverse lookups are not always accurate, and may actually provide you with the information about the wrong person.

On this site, nothing. We are one of the few sites to offer 100% of our information free of charge. As for other "pay" sites, many of them charge between $4.95 and $14.95 per lookup. To be fair, those sites may offer information that we do not, as they source their information differently. That said there is no reason why you can not search this site first and if you can't find the information you are looking for try others.

If you wish to call a person in the US or in Canada, you have the use the international code “1”. Just dial 001 (+1) followed by the 10-digit number of the person you wish to contact in the US or in Canada.

The North American Numbering Plan is the main agency that helps people know the specific area codes in the US and in Canada. The mobile phone is also generated using a number of geographical area codes where a person lives. More importantly, make sure to take note of the numbers in the US and Canada that have local number portability (LNP). 

How Does a Reverse Phone Lookup Work and How to Use it?

If you've ever looked at a phone number on Caller ID and wondered whose number it is, reverse phone lookup is for you. You can find out the person's name and address by using free reverse phone lookup or reverse phone directories available on the Web.

Do a reverse phone number search to find unknown callers! You can do a reverse phone number search anywhere, anytime from any device. Use a reverse phone lookup to identify unknown landline and cell phone numbers. Our phone number search reports go deep to get an owner's background info, as well as their name.

Free reverse telephone number lookup is a relatively new phenomenon; it used to require a separate paper directory or toll call. Online, you can perform a free reverse lookup as quickly as a standard by-name lookup -- but online directories are a minefield of scams and pitches for paid services. Stick with the official White Pages for a safe reverse directory lookup.

If you're unable to find the number online using a reverse or Google search, you can always try calling the number back and asking who it belongs to. If the individual or business has a voice mail, you may be able to find out who the number belongs to without having to talk with anyone. Spy Dialer (see Resources) will call the telephone number's voice mail directly, giving you the option of hearing the voice mail or looking up the name for free. This will bypass the need to talk to anyone and help you remain anonymous at the same time.